This, That and the Other Thing

20 03 2010

This is This.

This is a location.

This is a position.

This is the period at the end of the sentence that keeps a statement from running on and on.

Sometimes a sentence just begs to continue, and more than one This is needed, otherwise….

This is stasis, a strength through stability, a security that tomorrow will be the same as today.

This is traditionalist.

That is That.

That is not a place, but a direction.

That is somewhere else.

No matter how far That travels, That will never be This.

That knows no destination, but if it did, then That would not stay there.

That cannot stop, is not satisfied, is always changing.

That is visionary.

This has a problem.

A large ambiguous uncertainty hangs overhead.

So long as This remains thus, this will always be so.

That seeks to fix This.

That would change This to a New This.

This does not want to be changed, resists change.

Sometimes This wins and is not moved.

Sometimes That wins, and moves.

But time is on the side of That.

No matter how many times This wins, only the victories of That add up.

That always wins in the long run.

This is approaching a new problem.

This is no longer a fearsome uncertainty.

This now becomes a horrible certainty.

That is Not That.

Not That is not That.

Not That is also not a location, but a direction.

Not That doesn’t know a destination, either, but if it did, then it would not stay there.

Not That seeks to stop the destructive influence of That, the horrible certainty.

Whatever That is, Not That is not.

Not That is defined by That.

Not That is reactionary.

That and Not That battle for direction.

Sometimes That wins.

Sometimes Not That Wins.

If either side won, then it would continue unabated.

But Not That is not This.

Not That is just another kind of That.

Only This is This.

But in the battle between That and Not That, This is lost.

How do we ever find This again?

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

(James 1:17 NIV)





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