Evil Religion

12 12 2009

Sooner or later, you’re going to get a contemptible statement from some  erudite, over-educated prig, along the lines of,  “Most of the suffering in the world has been the result of religion.”  Try not to stumble all over yourself for an answer.  It’s not as difficult as it might seem.  The fact is that most of the suffering in this world has been caused by religion.  Don’t take offense.  Owing entirely to the fact that all world religions contradict each other to some degree, in more ways than not, one might safely assume that they cannot all be right.  Well, if you’re a postmodernist, then you might think otherwise, but I’ve explained my view of postmodernism recently, and I’m not going down that road right now.

Logically, no more than one religion can be exactly right, and we might safely assume that no religion is perfectly right, but what we do know for sure is that the vast majority of them must be wrong, if only by the obvious fact that they are mutually exclusive of each other.  Now, I’m no big sympathiser with generic suffering.  If my personal friend is in need, then I help him, but I don’t see reason to make broad generalizations about suffering.  Each person has their own road to go down, and I cannot reasonably presume to know what God’s plan for that person is, whether they’re even right with God, or why they’re suffering.  One thing I do know, though, is that suffering is only a symptom of a greater problem.  It doesn’t cause itself.  It is not the problem, but the indicator of the problem.  That a world full of lying religions causes suffering is no surprise to me.  The problem is not the suffering, but the fact that people are wasting their lives on a worthless worldview.

Now, the irritating thing about the blasted idiot who said this is that this person, more likely than not, considers himself/herself above this melee.  The president of Iran is making nukes, and the atheist buffoons are making jokes about it.  If one destroys the world actively, then the other destroys the world passively.  If the Christian intervenes, then both the atheist and the Muslim are likely to fight this well-meaning individual from both sides.  Arrogance and intellectual elitism do not exempt anyone from the issue of religion.  To reject all religion is to define one’s own religion.  It may not be an established organization, and the person may be the only one with that view, but it is, for all intents and purposes, a religion.

As surely as you read this, you have a view on God, and on right and wrong.  You know where you stand on political and moral issues.  That is your religious stance, and you will live by that belief until it changes.  Unless you had an accident with a tamping iron and got a rod shot through your frontal lobe, you’ve got a religion.  No amount of arrogance overrides this fact.

Yes, religion has caused a lot of suffering in the world, atheism being by no means an exception.  Saying so merely indicates that, either most suffering has been caused by humans, or else most religion is false.  Both are true.  God and his acts of nature have hurt us less than we have hurt ourselves.  Most religions have nothing to do with the truth.  The brainwashed student who looks down on us for our faith is likely even further away from it than we are.  He is to us what the pharisee was to Jesus.  He might even call for our suppression.

There is one truth.  There is only one truth.  Marry it and be faithful, and it will serve you well.  Betray it, and it will knife you in the back.  Christ came into this world that we might have life everlasting.  This is not just an endless continuation of this weary existence, but freedom from the curse that we have long taken for granted.  To find God and die to sin is like coming home from a long and arduous war.

Home is that warm place of comfort, with enough food and water, and everything that you need.  Home is where you’re loved.  It’s where you belong, in the arms of your maker.

To reject the truth is to never come home again.  A great number of institutions, religious and educational, lead people away from the only thing that they need.  They not only cause suffering in this life, but forever after.  Yes, we might have a true religion, but ours must necessarily be the exception among religions.  The fact that the exception proves beneficial does nothing to amend the fact that the others are disastrously harmful.

Yes, most of the suffering in the world has been and will be caused by religion.  Everyone has a religious perspective, and the majority of them are dead wrong and downright evil.

And the academic fool is no exception.




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