9 04 2009

Email, Facebook: Tanya has added you to her friends list.

Ah, yes, the girl who doesn’t believe in germs.  Well, I don’t have an account with Facebook.  I haven’t talked to her in years, and I probably won’t talk to her again in the near future.  It does bring me back to a day in those early years of childhood, before my sister dragged me off to kindergarten for the first time (oh, what a memory), when we kids had nothing to do but sit around with our feet in the gutter, playing with grass spiders.  My mother told me not to put my feet in the gutter water because it was dirty and full of germs.  So I looked at the neighbor girl askance and told her so.  She sat there with her feet in the water and simply stated that she did not believe in germs.  I was shocked.

“What do you mean, you don’t believe in germs?” I asked.

She replied that she had never seen them, therefore she didn’t believe in them.  I told her that they were too small to be seen, and she replied that everything that exists can be seen.

“But they do exist!” I insisted.

“Then what do they look like?” she asked.

“I don’t know!  I can’t see them, because they’re too small!”

Then she stunned me with the question, “Well, if they’re too small, then what does a pile of germs look like?”

A pile?  Yes, a pile.  Theoretically, if there were a big enough pile of germs, then a person could see the pile, if not the germs, themselves.  I was completely stumped.  I ran to my mother and asked her, but she didn’t have an answer.

Darn it.  As irony would have it, I spend every day working with “piles” of germs.  They’re called colonies, actually.  I’m halfway tempted to mail her  petrie dish with some E. coli, or something of the sort, with a trite little note, saying “There’s your pile of germs, you nutty little girl!”  Yeah…maybe not.

Some people don’t think of a good comeback or a witty remark until they’re leaving the party.  Some lie awake all night, thinking of what they should have said.  Me?  I don’t think of the right thing to say until nearly thirty years later.  Half of the posts I’ve written here were originally written over a decade ago, before being re-composed here.

You know…I’d just like to say that not everything that exists can been seen…

…so there!


…and I’m finding no joy in thinking up a sufficient response so far after the fact.  I can see myself in Heaven, pointing at God and shouting at Hell, below, saying, “I told you so!”  It just doesn’t have the same effect, once it’s too late.  Yes, the whole world is going to find out sooner or later how real these things are, of Heaven and Hell, and the powers within and without, but by then the discussion is long over.  Winning the argument no longer matters at that point.  Proving my point brings no satisfaction, then.

I could sit there, surrounded by cultures, and tell my bacteria, “See, I knew you guys were real!”  It just doesn’t have the same effect, you know?




One response

13 04 2009

“Well if there too small, then what does a pile of germs look like?” LOL That’s a great question! And tragically, this same theory is employed by millions who question the existance of God. An eternal Creator who fashioned all that is and took upon himself a body of flesh to save that which was lost. Blessed be the name of Jesus who redeemed us from everlasting death.

Blessings always in Jesus name.


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