Sid, the Defender

27 02 2009


This is Sid.

sidSid is a circle.

He doesn’t believe in you.

Sid lives in a two-dimensional world, a flat plane, and you are not in that plane.

Therefore Sid cannot see you.

Therefore you do not exist.

This is your finger, as it passes through Sid’s world.

fingerSid only sees another circle.

Therefore, your finger is just a circle, like Sid,

And you do not exist.

Sid only sees the outside, but you see the inside.

Sid is full of chaff and bits of debris, and you tell him so.

Sid thinks your finger is a liar.

With your other finger, you poke at the debris inside Sid.

Sid is not amused.

He retaliates by stabbing your finger with a mathematical line.


You quickly remove your finger from Sid’s flat world.

Sid has conquered the magical menace.

He is at peace with himself.

He can think that he is only a circle, with no debris inside.

He can’t see debris.

There is no such thing as debris.

Besides, he can’t fix what he can’t reach.

And you don’t exist, so what no one sees doesn’t matter.

What Sid doesn’t see can’t hurt Sid.

Your thumb is hovering directly over Sid.