15 11 2008


Two rats grow up inside a box and know nothing of the outside world. One rat believes in something beyond his cardboard confines, and he imagines it to be something like a much larger box, with more rats and better food. Neither rat has any concept of light, and so its idea of the outside world is a very dark one.

The second rat ridicules the first rat for pondering the matter. She says that there is nothing beyond their cardboard prison, and she considers herself the more intelligent of the two for relying on the concrete things that she can smell with her nose and scratch with her paws.

One day, the first rat dies, and the human observer that they did not know about opens the top of the box, and a ray of light is cast from above, onto the poor dead rat. A hand reaches down and lifts it through the hole in the ceiling, and the hole closes after it.

The second rat is left sitting in the dark, dazed and bewildered. At first, she believes that the other rat may have been right. As time goes on and the memory fades, her children and their children have more and more difficulty accepting the story, until it is ultimately disregarded as a myth.

Then, one day, another rat has a thought. It begins to wonder if there is anything beyond its own four walls….






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